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Now, there a lot that needs to be said for this one. It’s not going to be easily understood if it’s in a lengthy paragraph, so we’re going to put it in parts below.

What's Needed...

Hosting is the most important. For your web site, if you don’t already have one (rare, if you’re reading this), a web hosting service WILL BE needed. Basically, “… that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web”. Typically, you’ll be paying for hosting each month or year depending on the billing plan chosen, prices vary per hosting provider.

Now You Have Options :

We Recommend Bluehost, 1&1 IONOS, & SiteGround 

Client (You) Responsible Hosting:  Basically, you pay for the hosting, and we design and setup your website. As, the developers of said website, we would just need access to your site. If you chose to build a WordPress site (recommended) follow these steps: (Click Here To View  Picture Steps)

  1. Username (required) — Select a username for your designer. This cannot be changed later, so pick a good one.
  2. Email (required) — Enter your designer’s email address.
  3. First Name (optional) — Enter your designer’s first name.
  4. Last Name (optional) — Enter your designer’s last name.
  5. Website (optional) — Enter your designer’s website.
  6. Password (required) — Click Show Password to generate a password for your designer. You can replace this with a password of your choosing, but I recommend using the suggested password. You can never be too safe when it comes to web passwords, and the WordPress generated passwords are both strong and unique.
  7. Send User Notification — Select this box to send your designer an email with their new account information.
  8. Role — Select a role for your designer using the dropdown box. Most likely, your designer should be an Administrator, which gives them full access to your website.

We don’t want any of your personal information, when it comes to your site. So, help us help you, please reach out to us if you have questions.

We Host The Client (You): You seem like a nice person, and we’ll be honored to host your website at reduced monthly or yearly, depending on billing plan, costs. So, this means I’ll be hosted on your server right? Sadly no, we host through Bluehost, and we make sure you’re getting everything you need. It’s a chain of payments, we pay the hosting providers to rent server space, and then that space is then rented out to multiple clients to host their website. It’s nothing like people living together and sharing rent, servers work a little different. If this option is chosen, we’ll setup everything and then we’ll be the ones sending you an access password to your website admin and backend.

Now if you site is not WordPress based, we wouldn’t  need anything “technically”. However, let’s keep things WordPress integrated for now, as this allows people with no experience in code to edit their site. So basically, you don’t have to keep asking John to change the color of the navigation bar. Anyways, if you do desire a completely built HTML5 website as always reach out to us and we can try and send a quote or a referral.

Weird,eh. Anyways, a picture is a thousands words and goes a long way. Yes, we can always get some stock photos and make everything look pretty, but personal photos go a long way by establishing trust for you and the visitor.

IMPORTANT Information To Consider:

– Options –

There are many, many, many, many, many hosting options out there for you to choose from. However, it’s important to know what they have to offer.

– Domains: –

It is also truly pertinent to make sure that you are in love with the name of your domain and the names on your emails. For example, a church is considered widely to be a nonprofit organization so you want to aim for domains that end with. Org, stay away from everything else, if a domain is unavailable it’s unavailable (yeah let’s not get into the technicalities) . This name should be short, to the point, and easy to remember, this is a common practice.

You don’t need to know the answer to every question in the below tabs. It’s just things to consider.

Simply, we just need to understand what your business actually does, or what your true purpose is. Any one will do.

Who is your website geared to, who do you imagine yourself speaking to or aiming to pull in.

What makes you stand out? Most restaurants have a famous dish, what are you known or trying to be know for

Checkout our latest developed site:


What We Offer...

We’ll host your website for only $10 per month or $95 annually. Prices won’t change

We’ll make sure all the gears are turning properly.

We’ll setup everything needed in the back-end for your website.

We’ll keep things up to date, make sure your website doesn’t get dusty

We’ll batten down the hatches if need be. Just let us be the captain of this ship, as you enjoy your cruise

For our sanity and yours, we’ll perform automatic backups of your site. 

If you decided to leave Bluehost or a different hosting provider, we’ll help with migration.

As always, reach out to us. We’ll be here for you.